Water ! We can’t live without it. It’s been a main focal point throughout history. Pharalwi’s weren’t lucky enough to have a piece of land bordering a stream, so a well (Khooh) became much more important in the ancient days. Yes, a well was truly a luxury, something to be sought after in the old days. Digging a well was amazingly difficult work fraught with danger if not done correctly.

And always, it was a joyous occasion when water would pour through the water table and the well became active .

Following are some of the ancient wells in pharala .The remnants of these wells are still clearly visible though these are hardly in use these days. Some videos of these wells can be seen in the Pharala Videos section of this website.The village seniors feels very proud to talk about their Patti’s wells.


  • Mastiana
  • Borra
  • Saangan waala
  • Chargan Da
  • Gawla
  • Dhabe de 4-5 khooh
  • Dhari Da Khooh
  • Pattian Da Khooh
  • Baglan Waala
  • Rajian Da
  • Babian Da Dabri Waala
  • Babian Da Ladian Waala
  • Bhag Mal patti Da ladian waala
  • Jhandian Da Bir Kande
  • Amban Waala
  • Ugraalian Da
  • Ganda singh Da shaamlat Wich
  • Khere da khooh
  • Dhaki De Khooh-ø Maagan Waala
    ø Vanj Waala
    ø Tahli waala
    ø Nawian Bhoin Khooh
    ø Deepe Dian Da
    ø Sarih Waala
    ø Lasorre waala
    ø Tootan Waala
    ø Ghumaran Waala
    ø Sire Da Khooh (Akaalian Waala)

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