Pattian & Family Trees

• Ram Chand Patti- Babian De, Mala Singh Dian De, Naakian De, Baurian De, Topuan Gianian De Behram Wale, Durge Dian De, Chibe Dian De, Gadawaran De, Kakkar Dian De, Pal Singh Dian De, Zaildaaran De.

• Sahib Chand Patti- Buddhuan De, Dholki Dian De, Baitte Walian De, Maane Kian De, Dundan De, Khoohi Waalian De, Katian Walian De, Taape Dian Ke, Uuti de batne De, Tehle Kian De.

• Naagar Mal Patti- Puna Singh Dian De, Sundar Singh Dian De, Nang Pairian De, Maaruan De, Kookian De, Nukrian De, Jaildaaran De, Phandian De, Bhanga Singh Walian De, Akaalian De, Taar babu Ke, Neeven Wehre Walian De, Chuhe Kian De, Kaalean De.

• Deepa Patti- Pakki Bihi Waalian De, Wajir Dian De, Potian De, Rajian De, Boothi Chackan De, Thanedaaran De, Khuari Wadan De, Krora Singh Dian De, Kuttia Walian De, Chugian De (Paali Ke), Kaali Mitti Waalian De, Piara Singh Meetts.

• Saund Patti- Anian De, Kikran Waalian De, Ghunian De, Batan Singh Waalian De, Mota Singh Dian De (Ranian De), Dhandian De.

• Kesar Patti- Jhandian De, Buthean De, Bhaur Jang Walian De, Mayia Singh Waalian Topuan De, Bajjujan De, Subedaran De Ambaan Waale Khooh waale, Pappuaan De.

• Bhag Mal Patti- Mathian De (Leelo Dian De), Kartar Singh Hatti Waalian De( Maana Kian De), Pakian Walian De, Kute Walian De, Master Dogar Singh Kian De.

• Meer Mitha Patti- Bhublian De, Khekhian De, Mohru Dian De.

• Ladha Patti- Bishan Singh Moongli Chack (Biliaan De), Chaunkri Waalian De, Lambuan De, Swadian De, Lambran De, Chandi Dian De.

• Dago Patti- Jaurian De, Sahotian De, Gulabe Taabe Dian De, Masadi Dian De, Mayia Singh Dian De, Bholi(Maule) Dian De, Naukar Dian De, Dherian De, Chup Kitian De (Preeto Dere Waale), Dhanna Singh Ke, Lehne de, Dya Singh Dyan De.

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Special Article by Gurdip Atwal

My name is Gurdip Atwal. Our Family came back from Lylpur and settled in to Karyam, Nawanshahr.We still had land in Pharala as our Great grand Parents were from Pharala. My Father and I came to England in 1963-64. I moved to Canada, Ontario in 1975. My father was in the Army and had very keen interest in our Family Tree, where we came from and who was our original founder of Atwal’s. He had some information on our Family and I picked up that information and started to investigate and add more and more members of our Family to it.

My Uncle was living and well when I went to India in 2002; he too was very much interested in our family tree and he knew more than most people I met. I went to few Villages and got as much information as I could along with first time ever I went to Pharala our ancestors Home. Although I had very little time but I did manage to see our old house and one Gurudawara. There are quite a few Atwal’s in Toronto, so I got the other information from them. Our family tree contains more than 530 Atwal names. These are mostly who came from Lylpur,(NOW IN PAKISTAN) and very few from other places.

I would like to make it much more comprehensive with names of all Atwal’s from all over the world and connect them to the Seven Brothers as most people know of, Sons of Baba Hadal.

The history as I know of is Baba Hadal had three brothers. One moved and founded Chitti Pind, one moved and Founded KhuradPur and the Third moved and founded a village in Gurdaspur “Atwal”. My information goes further up to Raja Rag our Original founder. One theory is he was trader of Camels “OOTHs”, called OOTHAAN WALE, thus came Athwal, the other theory is he had control of Eight Villages King of Eight Villages, Thus called Athwal. “Jataan Da Ithas by Hushiar Singh Duleh” has some information in it about Atwal’s. Most of the Atwal’s used to write Athwal, Only after the partition “H” was dropped by some of our elders and became Atwal. Uncle “Rabinder Singh Atwal” in California “Yuba City” also contributed some information to this; he is over 85 years Young.

Baba Hadal was married in “Sanwan”, that is why we all say “Sanwan Pharala”. The story of that also is that, one day a “fakeer” was passing by in the Village of Sanwan and he heard a Girl crying. The father of this girl was very poor and left the girl crying because he could not look after her and fakeer said to the father look after her one day you are going to be very proud of her and she is going go to a much respected house. This was the girl our Baba Hadal married. That is why Sanwan is always connected to Pharala, Our “Naanke”.

We still have few elders who know our history to certain time, but if anyone has more information and may be able to go to Hardwar and get more information I will very much appreciate. Lets see if we can try to complete it may be at least 80% to 90%. I know its very hard but nothing is impossible if we all work together.

I have a very good program and can add members as many as we have. Once we have over 1000 names, I can get this CD ready and ship to anyone who wants it FREE, so please send me information as much as you have or can gather. Please send me an e-mail, I can put you into “INVITE” and you can see our family tree as it currently exist on the “”.

All the best and regards to all the family members.
Gurdip Atwal. “” cordially invites any other Last names with roots in Pharala to submit information about their Family Trees to be published on this site.

Please send in your memories of Pharala, the Pharalvies abroad and anything interesting for other Pharalvies. Photographs will be great! Contact »

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