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Connecting The Pharala Community With Their Roots

About Pharala- Nestled in the heart of the Indian Punjab’s Doaba region, Pharala is an old and famous village that has the distinction of being blessed by the Seventh Sikh Guru Har Rai Ji. This picturesque village is situated on the Mahilpur – Phagwara road. It is 15 kms from Phagwara and 23 kms from Mahilpur. Pharala is surrounded by the villages of Behram, Jassomajara, Munna, Ghummnan, Bharoli, Sandhwan, and Anokharwal. Sandhwan village has a historic relationship with Pharala, and although the villages are two kilometeres apart, they have both been known since olden times by the joint name “Sandhwan , Pharala”.

In Pharala everyone goes by the family nickname, or “ull” which passes on from one generation to the next. These “ulls” distinguish the different group of families, and help to locate the roots of the family in genealogy. The most common last name in Pharala is Atwal. Some other common last names in the village are Sahota, Bal, Gill, Pannu, Mattu, Chumber, Uppal, Sandhu, Sangar, Bansal, Bagga, Maan, Nijjar, Bali, Awasthi, Shreedhar, Talwar, Abrol, Bhagirath etc.

A very beautiful and historic Gurudwara along with a spacious Langar hall stands in the village. This Gurudwara bears the name of Guru Har Rai Sahib ji, who visited this place during the Mughal era on the course of his journey to Shri Anandpur Sahib. Historical Shiv Mandir, Gurdwara Lasurha Sahib, Dera Dudha-Dhari, Bhajan Dass di Jaga, Masjid, Guru Ravidas & Balmik Mandir, Jattheras and many other places of worship of different faiths exist here. Nagar-Kirtans, Parbhat-Pheries, and other processions taken out jointly by the different communities during religious occasions speak of the good religious harmony prevailing in the village.Pharala is proud to be the home of a government run school since 1882. The Government School Pharala has been the largest learning center in the area since the British Era. The NRI’S of the village have contributed largely for uplifting modern education in the village. Spacious buildings for the Senior-Secondary School and Middle School for girls, with up to date modern facilities have been provided. A vast stadium and a playground adjoining the school are available for student players and general tournaments. The sports club organizes tournaments for Kabaddi, Shinj, Volleyball, Hockey, Cricket, Wrestling and Weight lifting etc. every year. Volleyball is one of the most favorite game of the village and the village has produced many national level players. Shri Guru Har Rai Sahib Gym club in the school campus has all the state of the art exercise equipment. This club was started by initiative of Pharalites living in England .

Certain places in the village are popular for get- together during leisure time . These are Gawala Khooh, Bazaar Main street , Tharha etc. Youth and seniors play cards at these places during summer afternoons. ,Seep’ and ,Bhabhi’ are the most popular cards games. Chess is also played by a few seniors and youth. The festivals like Vaisakhi, Diwali, Dushera and Gurpurabs etc are celebrated in the village jointly by all with great enthusiasm, pomp and show. Nagar-Kirtans, Parbhat-Pheries, Jago, and other processions taken out jointly by the different communities during religious occasions speak of the good religious harmony prevailing in the village.

By dint of their enterprise and their unswerving hard work the inhabitants of Pharala have brought glory to its name not only in India but across the seven seas as well.

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